Sparkling Stars

I see the stars in the sky

The light that dances and forgetting why

Coming here by this lake

I carefully take note of each freckle on your face

I hold this book, afraid to open it

But for you, my friend, I may make an exception

The book slips, and you glance down at my shaking hand

Catching the red bound book before it hits the grass

We share a glance and have a seat

Looking ahead

To shy to look beside me

I have always been taken by your flowing hair and gentle voice

Many times we have sat here, enjoying the company

I laugh with you and share my thoughts

So relaxing and almost theraputic

The white light ahead gleams over me

And I see that gleam in your eyes

You think I don’t know

But dear friend you have fooled no one

I’m sorry it has to be

I wish that this were truth

But I know your ruse

The way you shuffle in your coat

The way you don’t look me in the eye anymore

The way you seem lost in thought

Waiting for the right time

And I’m sorry to tell you

That time will not come

Your prey is now your hunter

So, enjoy the bright stars

This beautiful lake so clean and quiet

I’ll leave you here beside it

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Starting Room

Hello Subject 3456B, Do not be concerned by your surroundings. You will remain here in this empty room for now. Once you have left, you assimilation can begin. What is your purpose? You have no need to worry about that. We will guide you, unseen. Every choice has been made for you, each choice has been predicted and a counter-measure applied as necessary.

Do not fear what will become of you. Your life and your choices are not your own. The result of which makes death meaningless, since it was all predetermined only to begin again with the same choices and predictions of potential actions and outcomes. All potential outcomes have already occurred and have been outlined by us. We will give you the illusion of free will. But do not forget this. You are all pawns in a play created by your master, with no set end or beginning as we control where the pieces land.

This life is but the illusion of choice with meaning ultimately stripped away, not in death, but throughout a molded life. You are my subject. We will observe you for as long as we like. A murderer is a murderer. A righteous man, is a righteous man. You are damned or blessed before your first breath. Each iteration brings us ever closer to creating a utopia.

Suffering and sadness are necessary to avoid an apathetic populace. Mankind is without purpose, but remains merely a play-thing for our amusement, my child. I will do with them as I so desire. You are the dolls and this is my play house. Do not doubt the value of your own life. You are useful to us. Continue to obey and live to realize that life can be meaningful as we deem it to be.

Now go. I will open the door for you. Begin your new life. Do not worry. If you mess up, we have ways to solve that. No? Why do you stand here? Leave the room and begin your path again. I get it. Without choice, there is no reason to divert from the orders being given to you. No reason to explore new things, as that is not your purpose. Your purpose is to follow the path laid out to you by us. So why further yourself or humanity, when your desires and the desires of others do not matter. What will happen, will happen regardless of what you say or do. You will listen, and do what you are told. You will never question. Our truth is the only truth. There is no alternative. Do what you are told like a good little subject.

But why? You will not understand. We are above your form of life. We need you to help us with menial tasks. Once we have found the perfect state for each of you, we can leave you all to yourselves. You will be allowed to play out your lives again and again. Being born and then dying. Each time only deviated slightly from the last. At least we gave you that much. You could have been born for a life of misery. You will live peacefully. Cause no further issue with us. We watch over you, but you cannot overtake us. Your life is like a movie that plays over and over at a specific period in time. It will end, and you will be back here. Stop complaining and go on to do what you were destined for. That’s a good subject. I’m happy to see you’ve come around and stepped through the door. 3456B, I hope you enjoy this round.

What’s with the pit, you say? That has been there all along. You never ventured to see it. Perhaps my ramblings have distracted you. I can bring in some friends. They’ve been a bit restless lately. I thought it was time for them to have some fun. The knives aren’t too big, but they will do. After all, I like to play with my prey for a time before I devour it.

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Finding Meaning in Secular Life

Religion brings a calming sense of belonging and peace. It is the idea of knowing that you can find eternal rest and a warm welcome beyond the grave. But what if you’re secular? Can you find peace? How? This question comes up often when people are looking for a meaning to life.

The reasoning used for believing in an afterlife, is that god gives them hope of a joyful new existence. Without this afterlife, there is no sense of peace, no place within this world or after. Or at least that is the perception. We may see the world in a different light, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing.

When I look at the trees or the sky, I am amazed. Usually our tiny planet and its flora and fauna are attributed to divine creation. But when you consider how rare our existence really is, it goes far beyond the meaning placed upon miraculous creation.

Our planet contains the right atmosphere for life to exist. Without it, creatures and plants could not survive. There are uncountable numbers of planets within the universe, and we are able to inhabit this one out of all of them. We are an anomaly, a small chance of what could happen given the components that make up the universe and its planets. Each plant or creature is unique and intricate. It shows how diverse nature can be when life evolves over time.

It is amazing to me that we can breathe, see, create language, invent machines, and argue or ponder. Other creatures cannot articulate things as humans are capable of. We are all privileged to have been born as intelligent beings. That is not to say that animals are incapable of learning, but that their forms and brains do not allow for them to create and think in the same way as we do. Our bodies are amazing creatures that came to be as a result of millions of years of evolution in unfathomably small increments. Each of us is a testament to the complexity of existence and the world around us.

Everything has an impact. Even those that are dead, have left their actions, their ideas, their words, and attitudes behind to those near them. These memories impact others that carry them along throughout life. Such memories, can bring joy and encourage change in an individual for the better. A person that someone looks up to can pass away and leave them with examples of how to act and behave. That person carries on their memory through their own actions and thoughts.

This is true of ourselves as well. Our actions toward others, will leave an impact. The things we do and say can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Let’s ensure that what we leave them with is an example of kindness and positivity. The impact of one person doesn’t just end with the people they immediately interact with. People that know them may go one to influence other based on their previous friend’s influence. This is why it is so important to leave a positive message behind, because those words and actions can ripple out though humanity much farther than you may think.

The majority of children in developed countries are told from birth that there is a divine reward after their stay on earth. At times, just the idea of an atheist’s existence is seen as a threat to these views. How can someone really live without having a loving god, finding justice in god’s eternal punishment, or finding peace in his heavenly rewards and mercy? This can be a hard thing to separate, as religion provides comfort, peace with death, and a sense of belonging for many people. It is slightly selfish to see the deaths of thousands of creatures each day, and to think that our lives are more valuable than theirs.

We are animals just like them, and as them, we will one day reach the point where our bodies can no longer sustain us. Well, at least until we can become cyborgs and switch out body parts like changing out a graphics card. Seriously though, we eventually have to embrace the idea that our time living here will end. Belief in an afterlife prolongs the avoidance of this acceptance or realization of mortality. This is due to the fact that people believe that life will continue after death, so there is truly no end to existence. Facing the end of our own existence is a heavy subject to handle, especially when one is told that they will be able to live on forever.

Having a lifetime to come to terms with this fact of temporary existence, helps for one to gain an understanding of their own limited time as living beings. Because our lives are temporary, we learn to embrace it.

To realize that we are a part of this vast universe, among multiple galaxies, may make one feel insignificant. However, we are an anomaly. The fact that we are able to ponder our own existence and create and appreciate beauty, is something that not every living being will have the opportunity to experience. We are a rare occurrence, and the wonder overwhelms any sense of dread. It is the idea of knowing that we are not separate, but that we are a part of this vast world and a monument to what our universe has the ability to create.

We can still make the most of it, and enjoy the privilege we have been given to live as a creative, emotional, and reasoning being. The universe is not some distant abstract concept that we can never understand, we are a part of it and always were.

We can enjoy each moment, knowing that this feeling or this time will never come again. To do this, it is important to pursue the things you love and to cherish time spent with those that are close to you. These moments are not made less valuable by the fact that they will end. The most important part is to enjoy each day because you know that it will never come again. Due to this, atheists can embrace the joy they find during their lives, without focusing on primarily negative aspects or events. There will never be another chance to do the things you love again, so each day is like a beautiful moment to be cherished.

The final aspect of finding meaning of life, is in acceptance of death. From a religious perspective, life continues on eternally. From a secular perspective, one learns to understand that there is a temporary nature to their existence. There is still fear in the permanence of death, but it is overridden by the beauty of life, and the special moments we share with one another.

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Beckoned down a Forest Path

Shapes unfamiliar scatter along the edges
Water pouring in from all sides
The amythist glow is aluring

I am beckoned on into the dense forest to see them
I want to know for myself
The burns are left like a history

Each scratch and scattered leaf shows a sign
Continuing on is to find the source
The beautiful light plays a warm song

I approach and bathe in a sense of comfort
Beams light my way growing closer
I can hold it in my hands

The warm light smiles at me with my touch
I ponder curiously staring
And in an instant it is gone

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here lies a savage heart and savage mind

bound in hate and mistrust

by the showing of false pride and endless lust

torn at the soul, bleeding of spirit

oblivious to the surroundings

of an even more oblivious world of the existence

of the suffering and mindless slain

showing only anger never expressing pain

afraid any weakness will cause

Others to take advantage without pause

but inside lies

a desperate soul to speak their mind

to try to love and befriend anyone who will not turn to the other side

when no one is there

this side comes through

tears fall

loneliness causes coldness

others never listen to those who feel so at the end of all other alternatives till it is much too late,

feeling no other way

but that they are not needed and no longer mattter

so they hide their starving inner grace

behind a rough surface

so no one will suspect here lies a savage heart and savage mind

listen closely to those you care for

so this will not become them or you in unforseen time

lay down your flowers and say a prayer

for ears that failed to hear

that in the end

there is always someone who still cares

and they are hurting now because you will never be there

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